The Ancient Order of Hibernians was organized in America in New York City in 1836 and the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians was an auxiliary of the men’s order until 1984.

The intent and purpose of the LAOH as stated in the preamble to the order’s constitution is to promote Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity among its members, assisting the people of Ireland to establish an Irish Republic which shall include the 32 Counties of Ireland, aiding the aged, sick, blind, and infirm members and for the legitimate expense of the Ladies, including Mission Work and Catholic Action.

To become a member, one must be Irish by birth or descent or adoption, the wife or mother of a Hibernian, and a practicing Catholic.

The structure of the organization is by Division, County, State and National.

The Rose Kennedy Division meets on the 2nd Monday of the month – September through June at the Hibernian Hall, 25300 Five Mile Road Redford, MI 48239. If you are interested in joining or would like more information please call our Vice President, Dawn Ramm, 313.929.2940.

The “Roses” are the oldest and largest division in the State of Michigan, celebrating 50 years on May 2018. They are involved in many charitable and cultural activities. Several of the State’s newer divisions have branched off from the Rose Kennedy Division, spreading the Hibernian mission throughout Michigan.

The patron of the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians is Brigid, whose feast day is February 2nd. The Court of St. Brigid Scholarship Program held annually by the Rose Kennedy Division provides young Catholic girls of Irish descent the opportunity to procure educational funds.

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